HTML and CSS Reference
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Edit lounge.html
Open “lounge.html” in your editor. Add the new text and HTML that is highlighted below.
Go ahead and type this in; we'll come back and see how it all works on the next page.
<title> Head First Lounge </title>
<h1> Welcome to the New and Improved Head First Lounge </h1>
<img src="drinks.gif">
Join us any evening for
refreshing <a href="elixir.html">elixirs</a>,
conversation and maybe a game or two of
<em>Dance Dance Revolution</em>.
Wireless access is always provided;
BYOWS (Bring your own web server).
You'll find us right in the center of downtown Webville.
If you need help finding us, check out
our <a href="directions.html">detailed directions</a>.
Come join us!
Let' s add “New and Im prove d” to the h eading .
H ere's where we a dd the HTML f or the link to th e
e lixirs.
To creat e link s, we u se the
<a > elem ent; w e'll t ake a
lo ok at how t his ele ment
w orks in just a sec…
W e ne ed to add some text
h ere t o poi nt cu stome rs to
t he n ew di rectio ns.
And here's where we add the link to the dir ections, again using an
<a> element.
Save lounge.html and give it a test drive.
When you're finished with the changes, save the file “lounge.html” and open it in
your browser. Here are a few things to try:
Click on the elixir link and the new elixir page will display.
Click on the browser's back button and “lounge.html”
should be displayed again.
Click on the directions link and the new directions page
will display.
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