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Okay, I've loaded the new
lounge page, clicked the links,
and everything worked. But I
want to make sure I understand
how the HTML works.
the Scenes
What did we do?
Let's step through creating the HTML links. First, we need to put
the text we want for the link in an <a> element, like this:
<a>driving directions</a>
Th e content of the <a> element is the link te xt. In
th e browser, the link te xt appears with an und erline to
in dicate you can click on it.
Now that we have text for the link, we need to add some
HTML to tell the browser where the link points to:
F or t his l ink, the b row ser w ill
d ispla y th e te xt “ elixir s” t hat,
w hen click ed, will t ake the user
t o th e “e lixir. html ” pa ge.
<a href="elixir.html">elixirs</a>
The href at tribute is
how you spe cify the
destination of the link.
<a href="directions.html">driving directions</a>
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