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Tonight's talk: HTML and CSS on content and style
Greetings, CSS; I'm glad you're here because I've
been wanting to clear up some confusion about us.
Really? What kind of confusion?
Lots of people think that my tags tell the browsers
how to display the content. It's just not true! I'm all
about structure , not presentation.
Heck yeah—I don't want people giving you credit
for my work!
Well, you can see how some people might get
confused; after all, it's possible to use HTML
without CSS and still get a decent-looking page.
“Decent” might be overstating it a bit, don't you
think? I mean, the way most browsers display
straight HTML looks kinda crappy. People need
to learn how powerful CSS is and how easily I can
give their web pages great style.
Hey, I'm pretty powerful too. Having your content
structured is much more important than having it
look good. Style is so superficial; it's the structure of
the content that matters.
Get real! Without me, web pages would be pretty
damn boring. Not only that, but take away the
ability to style pages and no one is going to take
your pages seriously. Everything is going to look
clumsy and unprofessional.
Whoa, what an ego! Well, I guess I shouldn't expect
anything else from you—you're just trying to make
a fashion statement with all that style you keep
talking about.
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