HTML and CSS Reference
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Fashion statement? Good design and layout can
have a huge effect on how readable and usable
pages are. And you should be happy that my
flexible style rules allow designers to do all kinds
of interesting things with your elements without
messing up your structure.
Right. In fact, we're totally different languages,
which is good because I wouldn't want any of your
style designers messing with my structure elements.
Don't worry, we're living in separate universes.
Yeah, that is obvious to me any time I look at
CSS talk about an alien language.
Yeah, like HTML can be called a language? Who
has ever seen such a clunky thing with all those
Millions of web writers would disagree with you.
I've got a nice clean syntax that fits right in with the
Just take a look at CSS; it's so elegant and
simple, no goofy angle brackets <around>
<everything>. <See> <I> <can><talk>
Hey, ever heard of closing tags?
Just notice that no matter where you go, I've
got you surrounded by <style> tags. Good luck
Ha! I'll show you…because, guess what? I can
Stay tuned!
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