HTML and CSS Reference
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What the browser creates
Big surprise; to create a form, you use a <form> element. Now, just about any block-
level element can go inside the <form> element, but there's a whole new set of elements
that are made especially for forms. Each of these form elements provides a different
way for you to enter information: text boxes, checkboxes, menus of options, and more.
We'll examine all these elements, but first take another look back at the HTML on the
previous page and see how the elements and content inside the <form> element are
displayed in the page below:
And here are two text
controls for entering a
first and last name. In
HTML you use the <input>
element to create these.
A nd here 's the
s ubmit b utton.
( Your bu tton mi ght
s ay “Sub mit Que ry”
i nstead.)
You'll find the contest form in your “chapter14/contest” folder. Open it, take
another look around, then load it in your browser and enter the contest.
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