HTML and CSS Reference
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How the <form> element works
Let's take a closer look at the <form> element—not only does it hold
all the elements that make up the form, but it also tells the browser
where to send your form data when you submit the form (and the
method the browser should use to send it).
The action at tribute
holds the UR L of the
web server…
Here 's the o pening t ag.
Ever ything in the f orm
goes inside.
…the folde r
the script
is in…
<form action="" method="POST">
Every thing inside your
form goes here…
and the clos ing tag
e nds the for m.
Hey, my
user just clicked a button to
submit a form. I've got some form
data I'm sending you via POST. It's
addressed to the “contest.php” server
script in the “hfhtmlcss” folder.
Bring it on.
We're ready!
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