HTML and CSS Reference
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Now it's your turn: go ahead and write the HTML you'll need for the table
structure for Starbuzz below.
Firs t, we'll w rap ever ything t hat's
goin g to be d isplayed like a t able in
a <d iv> calle d “table Containe r”.
We're no t showing it , but the h eader is up here…
<div id="tableContainer">
<div id="tableRow">
<div id="main">
<div id="sidebar">
Add t he new <div > with an id “tableCon tainer"
around the “main" and “sideb ar” <div>s.
Then add the new <div> with an id “tableRow"
also around the “main" and “sideb ar” <div>s,
but nested inside the “tableConta iner” <div>.
Make sure you properly nes t your closing <div> tags!
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