HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Step two:
Open Notepad .
Once you've located Notepad in the
Accessories folder, go ahead and click on
it. You'll see a blank window ready for
you to start typing HTML.
But recommended
Step three (optional):
Don't hide extensions of
well-known file types.
By default, Windows File Explorer hides the
ile extensions of well-known ile types. For
example, a ile named “Irule.html” will be
shown in the Explorer as “Irule” without its
“.html” extension.
It's much less confusing if Windows shows you
these extensions, so let's change your folder
options so you can see them.
First, open Folder Options by clicking the
Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking
“Appearance and Personalization,” and then
clicking Folder Options.
Next, in the View tab, under “Advanced
settings,” scroll down until you see “Hide
extensions for known ile types” and uncheck this
That's it. Click on the OK button to save
the preference and you'll now see the ile
extensions in the Explorer.
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