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Creating an HTML file (Windows)
Or anoth er ver sion o f Win dows
If you're reading this page you must be a Windows 7 user. If you're not,
you might want to skip a couple of pages ahead. Or, if you just want to sit
in the back and not ask questions, we're okay with that too.
To create HTML iles in Windows 7, we're going to use Notepad it ships
with every copy of Windows, the price is right, and it's easy to use. If
you've got your own favorite editor that runs on Windows 7, that's ine too;
just make sure you can create a plain-text ile with an “.html” extension.
Assuming you're using Notepad, here's how you're going to create your
irst HTML ile.
Step one:
Open the Start menu and navigate to Notepad.
You'll ind the Notepad application in Accessories . The
easiest way to get there is to click on the Start menu, then
on All Programs, then Accessories. You'll see Notepad
listed there.
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