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Time for the absolute test drive
Make sure you've saved the new CSS and then reload
“index.html” in your browser. Let's check out the results:
As yo u resize the
brows er, the sidebar
alway s sits 128 pixels
from the top, and sticks
to th e right of the page.
Wo w, this looks amazingly
like the float version;
how ever, you know that
the sidebar is being
pos itioned absolutely.
And the sid ebar has a
10-pixel ri ght margin, so
it has spac ing between it
and the ed ge of the page.
The main content ar ea
has a righ t margin t hat is
exactly th e width o f the
sidebar, a nd the sid ebar
sits on to p of that space.
But we are now back to having a problem with the
footer. When the browser gets wide enough, the
absolutely positioned sidebar comes down over the top
of the footer. Unfortunately, we can't fall back on the
clear property this time, because flowed elements
ignore the presence of absolutely positioned elements.
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