HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Okay, enough already, all
we're trying to do is create two
columns…why can't I just write
some HTML or CSS that easily
creates two columns?
Well, actually, you can…
And to do that, you have to use a fairly new
capability of modern browsers: the CSS table
display . What's that? CSS table display allows
you to display block elements in a table with
rows and columns (you'll see how in just a
sec), and, by putting your content in a CSS
table, you can easily create multicolumn
designs with HTML and CSS.
Now if you are thinking “why didn't you
tell us about this before?” well, it was
important for you to understand how
browsers low and display content (because
not every design task is going to look like
two-column display). But now that you
understand layouts, we can rework the page
using CSS table display.
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