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The lounge gets an upgrade
You've come a long way in eight chapters, and so
has the Head First Lounge. In fact, over the next
two chapters, we're giving it a total upgrade with
all new content for the main page and restyling it
from scratch. And, just to entice you, we're going
to give you a little sneak peek before we even
get started. Check this out on this page, you'll
find the new unstyled lounge page with all the
new content. On the next page, you'll find the
stylized version that we're going to create by the
end of the next chapter.
T here's a new graph ic for
t he heade r of the page.
T he lounge guys have supplied a
lo t of new text desc ribing the
lo unge and what it of fers.
They've in cluded a set of
elixir spec ials for the week.
And t hey even let visit ors sample some of the
music that is played in the lounge each week, a
commo n request of cus tomers.
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