HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
We've got headin gs that m atch the site's
color theme, an aquamarin e. The fo nts
are als o a very r eadable s ans-serif.
T he e lixirs have been
d rama tical ly res tyled into an
appet izing displa y of drink s.
The elixir s have also been moved over to
the side. How did that happen?
The new and improved,
ultra-stylish lounge
Not too shabby. Now the lounge design
might be a tad on the, well, “ultra-stylish”
side for you, but hey, it is a lounge. And
we're sure that you can see this design is
starting to look downright sophisticated
just think what the same techniques could
do for your pages. Well, after this chapter
and the next, designs like this are going to be
easily within your reach.
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