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Here's a “Sharpen your pencil” that is actually about pencils (oh, and images too).
This exercise involves a bit of trivia: Given a typical, brand-new pencil, if you drew
one continuous line with it, using the entire pencil up, how long would the line be?
What's that got to do with images? To find the answer, you had to write some
HTML. The answer to this trivia is contained in the image that is at the URL: http:// Your job was to add an image to
this HTML and retrieve the answer. Here's our solution.
<title> Sharpen your pencil trivia </title>
<p> How long a line can you draw with the typical pencil? </p>
<img src="">
If you pu t the imag e here, yo u can see
the answ er when yo u load the page.
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