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Here are the results of having a broken image in a few different browsers. In most cases, the
browser is able to use the extra alt attribute information to improve what is displayed. Why do
we care? After all, this is an error in a web page; we should just fix it, right? Well, in the real
world, things are often not ideal; sometimes things break, Internet connections go bad in the
middle of a page load, or visually impaired users need to hear what is in the image, because
they can't see it.
IE d isplays the alt
attr ibute text along wit h
the broken ima ge icon.
The C hrome bro wser displ ays a brok en
image icon, but doesn't di splay the
text in the alt attribute .
Safari on t he Mac
doesn't ma ke good us e
of the alt attribute
from brok en images.
Fire fox on the Mac
just displays th e text
in t he alt attr ibute.
Opera on the Mac
displays t he alt
attribute text.
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