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Whoa! The image is way too large
Well, the image is right there where it should be, but that is one
large image. Then again, most of the images that come from digital
cameras these days are that large (or larger). Should we just leave
the image like it is and let visitors use the scroll bar? You're going to
see there are a couple of reasons why that's a bad idea.
Let's take a look at the image and the browser and see just how bad
this situation is…
He re's our brow ser. It's abou t t he
siz e of th e ty pical brow ser wind ow.
Here's the full size of the image,
which is bigger than the size of the
browser window…much bigger.
The bro wser
wind ow is ab out
800 pix els w ide .
The i mage is 1,200 pixels wide.
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