HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
DO try this at home
It's another homework assignment for you (check each item as you do it):
Make sure you know where your root folder is on the server at
your hosting company.
Figure out the best way (and the best tool to use) to transfer
For now, go ahead and transfer the Starbuzz “index.html” and
End of Web Detour
Back to business…
That's the end of the detour, and we're back on the web
superhighway. At this point, you should have the two
Starbuzz pages, “index.html” and “mission.html”, sitting
under your root folder on a server (or if not, you're at least
following along).
After all this work, wouldn't it be satisfying to
make your browser retrieve those pages over
the Internet and display them for you? Let's
figure out the right address to type into your
< /html>
For the root fold er
we j ust u se “/ ”.
Here's the website name.
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