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Wireless sensor networks (WSN) built from huge amounts of interacting nodes is
the basis for this research [ 1 ]. Issues such as mobility, network size, deployment
density, and energy are key factors for the development of new communication
Daily route planning is made with an application for tactical planning of trans-
port, with the help of processed data collected through previous deliveries. As time
passes, the data collected throughout daily deliveries are statistically processed, and
they provide a base for determining optimal routes in the future.
As the delivery vehicle starts its daily shift, it leaves the company parking. It also
receives the data from the base-station about the time of departure. While it delivers
the goods throughout the day, it passes through different crossroads. When the
vehicle steps into the emitting area of the crossroad spot, it receives and stores the
information about the crossroad it just entered and the current time. The time when
the vehicle leaves the crossroad is also stored.
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