Information Technology Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 15
The PAR Logistics Solver Problem
Gordana Nikolić, Dario Zorić, Alan Martinović,
and David Dubrović
Business academy Rijeka is a lifelong learning academy. Because of the constant,
dynamic evaluations in economy, nowadays lifelong learning is a useful premise.
Our partner in this project was 4LOOK. The company 4LOOK represents interna-
tional companies, imports and sells professional equipment and tools of the highest
quality for hair stylists and beauty salons, encompassing by its width all require-
ments of our buyers. 4LOOK products are widely recognized with superior quality,
design, and application at the top of world technology. The main goal of the logistics
and distribution is to provide a time and space optimal, and cost-effective flow of
materials, goods, and information in the company.
We propose creating an infrastructure whose plug-ins could easily be imple-
mented. Application would be designed to plan and measure the optimal route
between locations.
Infrastructure and Application
The infrastructure includes SunSPOT devices placed on all major crossroads for
purposes of collecting time and additional crossroad information. They should be
powered either through the traffic light power supply or by an external source.
A device should also be placed on each delivery vehicle and serve as a storage
device and a communicator. A SunSPOT base-station would be placed in the com-
pany headquarters' parking place. The spot should be chosen carefully so that the
transmitting area of the base-station covers all the parking places. The base-station
would be connected to a desktop computer that contains a functional database.
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