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Installing the JavaFX SDK
The JavaFX software development kit (SDK) is a set of core tools needed to compile, run, and
deploy JavaFX applications. If you feel at home at the command line, then you can start writing
code with your favorite text editor and interact with the SDK tools directly. However, if you want
to see code-completion hints after each dot you type, then you can always use an IDE such as
NetBeans or Eclipse to get you started with JavaFX (see other recipes on IDEs). This section
outlines the necessary steps to set up the JavaFX SDK successfully on your computer. These
instructions apply to JavaFX SDK version 1.2.x; future versions may vary slightly.
Getting ready
Before you can start building JavaFX applications, you must ensure that your development
environment meets the minimum requirements. As of this writing, the following are the
minimum requirements to run the current released version of JavaFX runtime 1.2.
Minimum system requirements
F Windows XP (SP3) or
Windows Vista 32-bit
(all editions)
F Java Development
Kit (JDK) 6 Update
F Internet Explorer 6,
Firefox 3.0
F Mac OS X version
F Java Development
Kit (JDK) 5 Update
F Safari 3, Firefox 3
F Ubuntu 8.04
F OpenSolaris
F Java Development
Kit (JDK) 6 Update
F Firefox 3.0
F GStreamer Media
How to do it...
The first step for installing the SDK on you machine is to download it from http://javafx.
com/downloads/ . Select the appropriate SDK version as shown in the next screenshot.
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