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FIGURE 2.23 The Bend tab of the Style and Standard Editor
Round With this option enabled, the interior edge of the relief is rounded.
Tear With this option enabled, there is no predefi ned relief, and the metal is
allowed to shear during the bending process.
Along with the shape selection is a preview of the bend shape; you can enter
dimension values on the right to size the default bend relief.
Bend Radius
The default radius can be an absolute value or a factor such as the thickness of
the material divided by 2.
Bend Transition
When a bend occurs that doesn't require a relief, but the edges don't align, you
can use this pull-down list to establish the shape of the material at the edge of
the bend. The differences between the options are easiest to see in the fl at
The Corner Tab
The Corner tab (Figure 2.24) tells Inventor how you want the edges of bends to
relate when they're next to one another in a corner.
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