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In-Depth Information
After a few moments Autodesk Design Review opens with the new
fi le active. See Figure 9.27.
FIGURE 9.27 The Autodesk Design Review screen
At upper left are a number of thumbnails showing pages of the
drawing, the assembly, the parts list, and the presentation fi le.
9. Click the presentation fi le, and watch the animation play.
10. Review the other included documents. Close Design Review when
you're fi nished.
A vendor or customer who doesn't own Inventor or any other Autodesk product
that includes Design Review can download the application for free at Autodesk's
web site. There's even a version called Autodesk Freewheel that can be used by
people who aren't allowed to download or install software.
As we explore the last category of communication tools, you'll create some
fantastic renderings and an animation.
Inventor Studio Overview
The Inventor Studio tools aren't meant to replace dedicated, professional render-
ing systems like Autodesk 3ds Max or Maya, but they allow you to create great-
looking renderings and animations of your parts and assemblies with relatively
little work.
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