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6. The dialog doesn't appear until you select the drawing view to mod-
ify. Pick the view of the assembly.
7. When the dialog opens, it has already selected the sketch. Set Depth
to Through Part and pick Grill:1 in the Browser to edit that part.
8. Click OK to edit the view. This may take a few moments. See
Figure 9.4 for the fi nished view.
FIGURE 9.4 The assembly with the grill broken out
9. Save the drawing.
Having the grill broken out makes it easy to display interior detail. This isn't
the type of view that people typically take the time to make using a 2D CAD sys-
tem, yet it's very informational. It's really more of a technical illustration than a
traditional drawing view.
Let's create another drawing.
Creating the Next Drawing
In this exercise, you want to create a drawing view on a sheet that you can print
for a vendor:
1. Create a new drawing fi le using the Inventor NER.dwg template.
2. Right-click Sheet:1 in the Browser, and select Edit Sheet from the
context menu.
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