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Display In a drawing view where the hidden lines are removed, it can be dif-
fi cult to locate points or features that you want to select. This option causes hid-
den lines to appear in your selection view to make selection easier.
Section All Parts Standard content elements such as bolts and shafts typically
aren't sectioned. The Section All Parts check box sections through any part
regardless of whether that part would normally be sectioned.
The break-out view should add a lot of clarity to your existing drawing view.
Creating the Break-Out View
First you'll add a sketch to your view then use it to remove some of the geometry.
1. Click the drawing view to highlight its border.
2. Click the Create Sketch tool in the Sketch panel.
3. Use the Spline tool to create a closed loop similar to the one in
Figure 9.3.
FIGURE 9.3 Drawing a spline for the break-out boundary
4. Click the Finish Sketch tool when you're fi nished with the spline.
5. Select the Break Out tool from the Modify panel in the Place Views tab.
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