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the view in which the sketch is defi ned or another view to which you apply the
The Break Out dialog box appears when you select the view to be edited. Let's
look at each section:
Boundary Profi le You need to select a profi le only if you've placed more than
one closed loop into the view sketch.
Depth The Depth fl y-out has several options that defi ne where the view stops
passing through the part or assembly. Some options allow you to set a distance:
From Point After selecting a point in the view, you can set a depth
from that point to cut. The point you select can be in the view with
the cutting profile or another view. Setting a distance of zero stops the
cut at the point you select. A positive number continues the cut past
the point you select; a negative number stops the cut before it reaches
the selected point.
To Sketch This option sets the cutting depth to match an open
sketch in another drawing view.
To Hole In drafting, you commonly want to give a better view of how
a part is constructed down to a major feature. Often, that feature is a
hole or has a hole centered in it. The To Hole option allows you to use
the center axis of a hole selected in the view that is cut or from another
view to set the depth.
Through Part Using this option, you select the parts in the assembly
view that you want to cut completely through to expose internal parts.
Because no depth is specified for the cutting, the parts that are behind
the selected parts remain intact.
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