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Creating the Whole Body
When patterning complex shapes, I prefer to set up the model to pattern the
entire solid. Duplicating features using complex calculations opens up the poten-
tial for a failed feature. So, I fi nd it best not to do so when it's not necessary:
1. Start the Circular Pattern tool from the Pattern panel.
2. Set the type to Pattern the Entire Solid.
3. Set Origin Z Axis as the Rotation axis.
4. Set the Placement value to 5 , as shown in Figure 8.44.
FIGURE 8.44 Creating the pattern of blades
5. Click OK to create the fan blade.
6. Rotate the view of the part so you can see the hollow back of the hub.
7. Create a new sketch on the XY plane.
8. Draw a 1.2-inch diameter circle.
9. Extrude using To Next Extents. On the More tab, include a 2-degree
taper, as shown in Figure 8.45.
10. Click OK to create the boss.
11. Add a drilled hole with a diameter of 0.65 inches and a depth of 1 inch,
concentric to the new extrusion. See Figure 8.46.
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