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especially when they're closed profi les like rectangles or circles, to construction
elements so you know they're not intended to build features.
FIGURE 2.54 Placing the hole from two edges
The second step of converting the endpoints of the line segments to center-
points will be evident in the next portion of the exercise. Any time you have a
sketch that includes centerpoints, Inventor automatically places features like
holes or Punch tools on those centerpoints. You can hold the Crtl key and dese-
lect them if you don't want to use a point, but it's a great way to pick multiple
hole locations at once.
13. Start the Punch tool from the Modify panel.
14. A PunchTool Directory dialog appears, in which you can select where
your punch tools are located. Double-click the Round Emboss.ide fi le.
15. Immediately, the four points are replaced by either a wireframe pre-
view of the Punch tool or a preview of the tool's footprint, as shown
in Figure 2.55.
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