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• The deforestation of their land due to invasions by farmers and resulting
plantations that make use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers leading to the loss
of biodiversity;
• The erosion and degradation of the land given the deforestation on and around
Indigenous territories;
• The enticement of the Xavante to work as cheap peons in a system of slavery or
• The change of dietary habits given the lack of access to traditional foods, which
were forcefully substituted by comida de waradzu (white man's food), such as
rice, beans, and noodles; and
• The dependence on allopathic [Western] medicine. 4
Yet while several Xavante villages in Sangradouro were all on board and working
very hard for the Flowers and Fruits project in 2002 and 2003, administrators from
Funai ( the Fundação Nacional do Índio or National Indian Foundation) and local
Figure 6.3. Batika Dzutsi'wa and Tseredza'ro Ruri'õ, selecting seeds for the next crop of the
Women's Project, 2003.
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