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Figure 5-6. Running the Apache ActiveMQ WebSocket Demo
In Figure 5-6 , notice that the STOMP messages are logged. Let's take a closer look at
these messages. First, the WebSocket connection is established, and a STOMP connection
is opened with the credentials provided: guest/guest . A heartbeat message is then sent.
After successfully creating the STOMP connection, the demo application subscribes to
the stompDemo queue.
Now, open a second browser window (you can open a new window of the same
browser or start a different browser) and provide the exact same connection data you
used above. At this point, you can start sending messages back and forth between the
browser windows.
Building a STOMP over WebSocket Application
Now that we've looked at a simple demo of a STOMP/WS application, let's try building
one. Here, we step through building an application that allows users to play the popular
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