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to LCT asking for money. At the beginning of June he received
a reply to the e¬ect that no money was available and he was
forced to sell 200 of his own shares to meet his most urgent
financial requirements as the bank would not extend his over-
draft. Several weeks and numerous telegrams later another reply
came saying that Cameron was 'too ill to attend to business' and
LCT could not be contacted. Incensed by their evasive behaviour
Holmes realised that there was only one thing to do. In order to
raise the money for the boat fare he sold his pony for 150 rupees
and set o¬ for the palace in Rangoon. Surprised by Holmes'
unexpected appearance, LCT e¬ected great pleasure at seeing
him - 'but only promises so far!' Holmes records in his diary.
He was not surprised to hear that the company scheme to raise
capital in London had failed but he was surprised, on returning
to see LCT the next day, to get his overdraft paid o¬, 1500 rupees
in his pocket for expenses, and an assurance that he would be
paid in full by the end of August. Nevertheless, anticipating the
true outcome, Holmes went to see solicitors in Rangoon and
prepared to sue the company for his salary if this final promise
was not forthcoming.
He returned to Yenangyaung to quietly sit out the rest of
August in the o~ce, writing up reports in anticipation of the
inevitable outcome at the end of the month, and spending as
little money as possible. Maggie and Norman had returned from
Kalaw, and on arriving home one afternoon, weary after finally
instructing the solicitors to start proceedings to recover his
salary, Holmes found Norman feverish with severe diarrhoea.
The doctors diagnosed dysentery. During the following week
Norman's condition fluctuated, with soaring temperatures
followed by drugged sleeps as the doctors administered saline
infusions and morphine. Days alternated with hope and despair.
In the middle of it all Dudley Stamp arrived to tell Holmes that
he too had resigned, but they turned him away unable to deal
with any more problems than this terrifying threat to their child.
They were reluctant to give him too much morphine, so Norman
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