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Norman Holmes.
'With love from Norman' was written by his father on a
postcard to a family friend in Gateshead, only three weeks
before Norman died.
struggled through two sleepless nights, with Maggie and Arthur
taking it in turns to sit by his bedside, before his condition
became so grave that he was finally taken to hospital at
The little wooden hospital had a consulting room, dispens-
ary and operating theatre on the ground floor, about a dozen
beds on the upper floor, two doctors and three nurses. Facilities
were extremely limited and had to cater for several hundred
British and Americans expatriates in the oil fields, and several
thousand Burmese and Indians. One had to be extremely ill to
be admitted. Norman was extremely ill, but however sick a
child was in those days, parents could not stay overnight, so for
three nights Arthur and Maggie returned home to try and sleep
while their three-year-old child fought for his life, alone in the
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