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Although both Google Docs' spreadsheet application and the presenta-
tion editor make it possible to publish those types of documents directly to
the Web, neither lets you directly edit the HTML source code. However, the
spreadsheet application's forms generator and the presentation editor have a
very nice feature: hey both provide HTML code that embeds those docu-
ments into any web page. he forms generator does this intelligently. Although
the form can be made public, the spreadsheet that collects the public's input
remains private unless you decide to share that document or publish a sum-
mary of the results.
Figure 4.17 shows the creation of a simple questionnaire using Google
Docs' forms generator. he second of three questions, a multiple-choice item,
is being edited in Figure 4.17. You can rearrange the questions by clicking and
dragging items to new locations.
Figure 4.17: An input form edited using Google Docs' forms generator
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