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Table 30-3 Video Formats Supported by Compression Master (Continued)
some video formats that are not supported on other platforms and have some interesting
and novel design features. The encoders include 2-pass and VBR support for compact out-
put files. Because Compression Master imports MPEG-2 Program and Transport streams,
it is happy to decode multiplexed video files. This saves you the trouble of using DropDV
to convert your El-Gato off-air files to the DV format that Final Cut Pro operates on.
If you are compressing video and audio for 3GPP applications and need an auto-
mated workflow, Compression Master together with a rack of servers running the
Compression Engine software could form the basis of a versatile and powerful system.
If you require more performance than a single machine can deliver, you can move up
to the Compression Engine deployed on a server. You can continue to use your existing
Compression Master application to create settings templates and associate these with
watch folders on the server.
Your live-encoding needs are addressed with Broadcaster, which runs on Mac OS X
(use the Live Engine application on Linux). This creates a live stream of encoded video.
These products are aimed at telecoms operators running mobile networks and are opti-
mized for that kind of format.
If you are building a large, industrial-strength workflow (for a newsroom perhaps),
then you probably need to ingest a lot of material from archive or daily tapes. The
Ingestion Engine provides the point of access for your media-porting activities, whether
they are tape based, analog, or digital via SDI.
More information is available at the Popwire Technology web site.
Sorenson Squeeze
The Squeeze application is aimed at the semi-professional and professional user, more
specifically at folks who want to condense their video down so that it can be deployed on
the web (hence the name Squeeze perhaps?).
Figure 30-6 shows a screen shot of the session window. Everything takes place in this
cockpit view.
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