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Figure 30-6 Sorenson Squeeze 4.0.
Sorenson Squeeze looks very similar on Mac OS and Windows. The main difference
is the encoders and formats that are supported. Windows Media encoding is not well sup-
ported on the Mac OS platform because the Microsoft WM SDK is incomplete and out of
date. Sorenson does absolutely the right thing by dropping it entirely on Mac OS and only
supporting it on Windows, where it works fine.
The most obvious change with version 4.0 of Sorenson's Squeeze Compression Suite
is that the application has radically altered its appearance from the earlier versions. The
new version has had a major user-interface overhaul, and the result is a lot better than the
previous version. However, you should look for the latest updates periodically and ensure
that you have your software as up to date as possible.
There are some additional filters in the new release for preprocessing the video
before compression, but also some legacy file formats for import and export that have
been dropped.
Version 4 now supports H.264, which is becoming more widely available in new
releases of coding tools. Sorenson calls it AVC and makes no mention of H.264. At this
stage, the support is fairly basic and built around the Advanced Simple Profile (ASP).
Alternative coding support is available by invocation of a QuickTime processor and selec-
tion of the Apple H.264 codec shipped with Mac OS 10.4.
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