Image Processing Reference
In-Depth Information
This is being touted as an alternative to wiring everyone's home with optical fiber in
order to cover the last mile from the exchange to the consumer. While this is all very excit-
ing stuff, it also increases the spectrum of radio-frequency energy that we are constantly
bathing ourselves in.
Bit-Sliced Arithmetic Coding
BSAC is the part of the MPEG-4 Part 3 audio coding standard that allows the data trans-
fer to be scaled in increments when delivering audio over a wireless network. It is used in
the DMB platform that's currently being developed in Asia.
So How Do We Make It Work?
We now have a pretty good idea of where our content comes from, how it works, where it
is going, and how we might get it there. That positions us very well to design and build a
system to process the video. We might be a small outfit or a large enterprise. Either way,
we'll probably use the same coding techniques and the difference will just be in the scale
of the system and the amount of money we are prepared to spend on it.
In the next chapter we will find out how to construct the hardware foundation for
our systems.
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