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Building Your Encoding Hardware
Let's Spend Some Money
This chapter is about the components that you would use to build a system as well as the
process of designing and building a system with those components. Building a system
with sufficient capacity to store your video is important, and there are a variety of disk
storage alternatives.
In this chapter, the emphasis is on video. Setting up audio equipment was covered
thoroughly in Chapter 7. To give this some real-world context, at the end of the chapter,
the summary plans the construction of three different systems:
Single-user, home-based system—built on a budget
Small workgroup sharing some storage—medium cost
Large-enterprise-sized system—money no object
You should plan and build your system to as high a standard as possible. The more dili-
gent you are in designing your system, the better it will work in the long term. Even if you
are running a very small system, pay attention to the systems administration. Document
your system, do your backups, and take out the trash periodically.
Planning Your System
There is no substitute for sitting down and working out your plans before you start.
Probably the first question to ask yourself is how much money you have available to spend
on this project. The more complex you build it, the more it will cost. It helps to organize
your system building if you break the process down into separate steps or phases:
Phase 1—Planning
Phase 2—Purchasing
Phase 3—Building
Phase 4—Commissioning
Phase 5—Day-to-day operational matters
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