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The target platform refers to the hardware architecture of the machines that may run your
application. To ensure the widest possible audience for your application, you should generally choose
to compile for all platforms.
Important The point here is that the Windows 8 operating system runs on a variety of
different hardware configurations, most typically 32-bit machines (x86), 64-bit machines
(x64), and devices such as a tablet with an ARM architecture. To make it clear, if you fail to
tick the ARM checkbox, then your Windows Store application won't be able to run on a
Windows 8 tablet running WinRT.
When you push the Create button in the form shown in Figure 14-12, Visual Studio runs a process
that creates a valid package for the Windows Store application. During this process, Visual Studio
launches the application and performs several tests on it. If everything checks out, you will see the
dialog box shown in Figure 14-13.
FIGURE 14-13 The app package has been successfully created.
Having an app package ready doesn't mean that you're done. The application is not yet ready to
upload to the Windows Store. You have only created the package in a format that the Windows Store
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