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can accept. There's no guarantee that your application, as-is, will be accepted and published to the
store. Your application must still be certified before it can appear in the Windows Store.
Any application submitted to the Windows Store for publication needs to pass a number of
additional tests. If the application crashes during any of these tests, or fails the tests in any way,
the Windows Store will reject the application, providing you with documentation about the app's
misbehavior and some guidelines on how you can go about fixing it.
The Windows App Certification Kit
To avoid a rejection, or more precisely, to reduce the likelihood that your application will be rejected,
you can run the same battery of tests that Microsoft runs on applications locally, before you submit
your app to the store. Those tests are available to you through the Windows App Certification Kit.
As shown in Figure 14-13, you can click on the Launch Windows App Certification Kit button at the
bottom of the window and run the same tests locally that your application will be subject to after you
submit it. Figure 14 shows the two-step process.
FIGURE 14-14 Running the Windows App Certification Kit.
You can look at a test report to get details by clicking the link shown in the final dialog box.
Figure 14-15 shows a sample test report for an application that passed the tests.
Passing the tests in the certification kit doesn't guarantee that your application will pass all
Windows Store criteria and be accepted in the store. However, it should make you confident that you
have given your application the best possible chance to be published when you upload it.
Note It's always a good practice to ensure that your app passes the certification kit before
you upload it. After uploading, it may take over a week before you get a response from
Microsoft. If the response is negative, even assuming you fix and resubmit it immediately, it
will take at least another week before your application can be published.
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