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Now that you know where HTML5 its in with ASP.NET, it's worthwhile to know some features of Visual
Studio HTML editor that can make your life easy.
Features of the Visual Studio HTML Editor
The Visual Studio HTML editor offers many features that simplify web page design. As an ASP.NET
developer, you're probably familiar with many features of the HTML editor, so this section doesn't discuss
each and every one; instead, it examines some interesting aspects.
n Note You can refer to the MSDN documentation for all the available features of the Visual Studio HTML editor.
Searching for visual studio html editor in the MSDN library should get you started.
HTML Formatting
While you're designing an HTML page, formatting various markup tags makes navigating and locating a
specific element easy. The Visual Studio HTML editor does a good job of formatting the markup tags for
you. If you need to tweak the default formatting behavior, you can do so via the Tools > Options dialog; see
Figure 1-11.
Figure 1-11. Changing HTML formatting options
Using formatting options you can, for example, configure whether closing tags should be
automatically added, attribute values should be enclosed in double quotes, and so on. Clicking the Tag
Specific Options button opens a dialog in which you can configure individual markup tags and their
settings (Figure 1-12).
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