HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 1-12. Configuring formatting options for individual tags
Tag-specific options include outlining specifications (whether you can collapse and expand a tag, and
the minimum lines needed to enable this behavior), the tag's foreground and background colors in the
HTML editor, line breaks, and so on. For most tags, the defaults set by Visual Studio work line However, in
some case you may want to alter the default values. For example, while working with web sites that use
<audio> and <video> tags heavily, you may want to consider changing the default tag foreground and
background colors to make them easier to locate.
IntelliSense and Validations for HTML5 Tags
One feature of the Visual Studio HTML editor that is popular among developers is IntelliSense. Although
IntelliSense is commonly used, a few things are worth noting because they aren't obvious at first glance.
The IntelliSense list doesn't show all possible HTML tags. Which tags are displayed for you to select
from is governed by the HTML validation scheme you're using. You can configure the validation options
from the Options dialog, as shown in Figure 1-13.
By default, the Visual Studio 2012 HTML editor uses HTML5 and also shows errors when any of the
conditions listed under Show Errors are found.
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