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This command is not strictly necessary as the standard Unix ps command could
suffice. However, it does not use the standard Unix mechanism for interrogating the
process, so there are circumstances where a Java process stops responding (and
looks dead to jps ) but is still listed as alive by the operating system.
Basic usage
jstat <pid>
This command displays some basic statistics about a given Java process. This is usu‐
ally a local process, but can be located on a remote machine, provided the remote
side is running a suitable jstatd process.
Common switches
Reports a list of report types that jstat can produce
Report on classloading activity to date
JIT compilation of the process so far
Detailed GC report
More detail on compilation
The general syntax jstat uses to identify a process (which may be remote) is:
[< protocol >: //]<vmid>[@hostname][:port][/servername]
The general syntax is used to specify a remote process (which is usually connected
to via JMX over RMI), but in practice, the local syntax is far more common, which
simply uses the VM ID, which is the operating system process ID on mainstream
platforms (such as Linux, Windows, Unix, Mac, etc.).
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