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In-Depth Information
-e <regex>, -regex <regex>
Finds dependencies in packages matching the specified regular expression pat‐
tern. The -p and -e options are mutually exclusive.
-include <regex>
Restricts analysis to classes matching pattern. This option filters the list of
classes to be analyzed. It can be used together with -p and -e .
Finds class-level dependences in JDK internal APIs (which may change or dis‐
appear in even minor platform releases).
Restricts analysis to APIs—for example, dependencies from the signature of
public and protected members of public classes including field type, method
parameter types, returned type, and checked exception types.
-R, -recursive
Recursively traverses all dependencies.
s d
P r o i l e s
-h, -?, -help
Prints help message for jdeps .
While Project Jigsaw did not ship as part of Java 8, jdeps is a first step toward mak‐
ing developers aware of their dependencies on the JRE not as a monolithic environ‐
ment, but as something more modular.
Basic usage
jps jps <remote URL>
jps provides a list of all active JVM processes on the local machine (or a remote
machine, if a suitable instance of jstatd is running on the remote side).
Common switches
Output the arguments passed to the main method
Output the full package name for the application's main class (or the full path
name to the application's JAR file)
Output the arguments passed to the JVM
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