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The Exclusions spec is still under heavy development, but it represents
some useful additions to the web author's toolkit. Positioned floats are a
concept created by the IE team at Microsoft; they first appeared in
IE10 Platform Preview 2. They achieve results similar to the exclusions
so they have been folded into the Exclusions spec. To demonstrate,
let's use a simple page with five paragraphs:
<p>I never am really satisfied...</p>
<p>In almost every computation...</p>
<p>Many persons who are not...</p>
<p>The Analytical Engine has no pretensions...</p>
<p>The Analytical Engine weaves algebraic patterns...</p>
Making the last paragraph a positioned float is as simple as setting the
both value for the wrap-flow property:
p:last-child {
width: 200px;
position: absolute;
wrap-flow: both;
top: 75px;
left: 250px;
All the other text flows
around the positioned float.
Other possible values are
start and end , which allow
the text to flow only past the
start or end of the object,
leaving the other side empty,
and minimum and maximum
which allow flow only into
narrowest or widest sides,
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