HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
In the last example, the
floated element looked a bit
cramped. You can apply spac-
ing to positioned floats with
the wrap-margin property:
p:last-child {
width: 200px;
position: absolute;
wrap-flow: both;
wrap-margin: 1em;
top: 75px;
left: 250px;
To demonstrate an alternative
effect, let's arrange the other
paragraphs into four
p { display: table-cell; }
You can see that the text still
flows around the floated ele-
ment, even though the four
paragraphs are independently
Browser support for these new features is still fairly patchy, but they're
worth exploring now so you can be prepared for the future.
Browser support
As discussed in the introduction, browser support for CSS layout has
long been an issue. Everything in the CSS2 spec is now implemented in
all major browsers: that includes everything discussed in the section
“Underused CSS2 layout features.” Support for the other features
we've discussed is patchier, reflecting the experimental nature of the
specifications. The following table shows the details.
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