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W eb M (VP8) is Google's new video codec, supported by Chrome and
newer versions of Opera and Firefox.
MP4 videoi s the format supported by Safari and IE .
The additional options are variations of
these main three, except that the output
video is scaled for the particular device.
After you set the option, click Convert and,
depending on how large your video is, wait
a few minutes or a few hours. Repeat the
process for as many encodings as you
The main advantage of this approach is that
it's easy and requires little expertise. The
disadvantage is that if you don't like the
options for you to tweak.
Miro Video Converter can give you a head start if you want a more fine
tuned approach. Note the FFMPEG Output button at lower right in the
figure. FFmpeg is the command line utility that Miro Video Converter
uses to do the encoding. In the next section, you'll see how you can use
FFmpeg directly for finer grained control over the encoding process.
Advanced encoding with FFmpeg
FF mpeg is a command-line tool originally written for the Linux operat-
ing system. It's powerful and has thousands of options that you can set
by passing options on the command line. Rather than get into the
details of how FF mpeg works, which could easily take up a few
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