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Following are the common file extensions and MIME types for video.
Video type
File extensions
MIME types
video / mp4
.ogg, .ogv
video / ogg
video / webm
MPEG-4 profiles
The MPEG-4 standard contains several different profiles in order to support a va-
riety of different expected use cases, ranging from Blu-ray and HDTV to mobile
phones with low screen resolutions. Mobile devices aren't expected to support
the same profiles as desktop PCs or dedicated home multimedia equipment, so
when you're encoding videos for use on iPhones make sure you're targeting the
Simple Profile.
Easy encoding with Miro Video Converter
Rather than mess around with the different codecs and encoding
options yourself, there are tools that make things easy for you. One of
the simplest is the Miro Video Converter, available from www. .
Miro Video Converter doesn't present you with a lot of options—just a
place to drop the file you want to convert; a drop-down list to say what
you want to convert it to; and a button to
start the conversion. After you drop a
video file on the central area, only the out-
put format needs to be selected before
you're ready to go.
The first three options are the main ones
that interest us:
Theora is the OGG video format sup-
ported by Opera and Firefox.
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