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After the file is uploaded, you're given a choice of four options for the
codec and, if appropriate, a choice for audio quality.
Select the options you need,
and click Convert; a few sec-
onds later, your encoded file
will be available to download.
Note that the 192 kbps OGG
encoded file is approximately
20% of the file size of the
lossless original.
You'll have noticed that the file used in this example, despite being
originally encoded with the free FLAC codec, isn't free content.
Although it's in the OGG format supported by Firefox, Chrome, or
Opera, I'm not allowed to upload it to my website because I have no
rights to redistribute it. But it will now take up less space on my phone!
Even if I could upload it, the audio wouldn't play in IE or Safari.
Unless users have installed additional codecs in their operating sys-
tems, Safari and IE won't play the OGG file—they need MP3 .
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