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Ago </a></li>
<li class= "arrow" ><a id= "5" href= "#date" > 5 Days
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Figure 3-17. jQTouch List View component
No Page Structure
In the no-page-structure approach, the markup is flexible and lightweight. Unlike the
single-page approach, markup here is not tied to a specific DOM structure. Your best
option for using this method is xui.
Born from the PhoneGap framework, xui ( ) does not try and dictate a
page structure or widget paradigm. Instead, xui handles events, animations, transforms,
and AJAX. It prides itself in being lightweight with the ability to add plug-ins for needed
xui is specifically tailored for DOM manipulation in a mobile environment. This is an
important factor when dealing with existing desktop browser based frameworks like
jQuery. With xui, you get a 10kb JavaScript file that gives you a very useful programming
model. Brian Leroux is the author of xui and is well known within the HTML5/Open
Web community. One notable thing about this project is the all-star list of contributors
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