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Chapter 22
Creating a Two-Dimensional
Map Editor
Ivan Popelyshev, Game Developer,
This chapter expands on the techniques covered in Chapter 6. You will get the most from this chapter if you have
worked through that one first.
To address issues with your map and layer format, you must first approach the problem from an asset-creation
standpoint. In this chapter, I will introduce you to the basics of creating a map editor, using the autotiles feature6.
The basic features of a graphic editor are
zoom, scroll
save/load image
The graphics editor allows you to compare the appearance of a map with and without autotiling. The graphics
editor can be used in production for editing maps created by users, and you can create a game based on its architecture.
Figure 22-1 shows how the map editor will look at the end of this chapter. Figure 22-2 shows how it will look after
running the final application code in Chapter 6.
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