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Another convenience is that there's no separate worker file. The worker logic has been packaged into
dxt-util.js itself and the file loads itself again as the worker script. This means you only have one file to deploy.
The code is distributed under a BSD license, so feel free to use it in any project you wish!
WebGL applications must be sensitive to both download times and GPU memory use, metrics that often conflict with
one another. By using Crunch you can create texture files as small or smaller than the equivalent JPEGs while also
using a fraction of the video memory. Emscripten allows you to make use of the existing C++ decoding library without
needing to rewrite it by hand in JavaScript, which reduces both development time and maintenance. Finally, by
performing the texture decode in a Web Worker, you can avoid blocking the main thread for everything but the texture
upload, which is far faster than uploading an uncompressed image of the same size.
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